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General Information for Interested Students 2018

Lasallian Volunteer Applications 2018

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Please contact Lasallian Volunteers Coordinator Kate Westhead

Are you looking for the opportunity of a lifetime? 

Lasallian Volunteers offer both short and long-term placements in communities across Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

We provide service opportunities for dedicated volunteers within Lasallian schools and communities.Working alongside local staff you will be able to share your knowledge, upskill others or just lend a hand.

Volunteering in our Lasallian programs will offer a world of opportunities for knowledge and personal growth. Whether you're a High School graduate, University student, Principal, Teacher, or anyone who wants to get involved! 

Want to make an impact and help support those in need?

Working alongside local staff you will be able to share your knowledge, upskill others or just lend a hand. We provide service opportunities for dedicated volunteers within Lasallian schools and communities.

Long-term volunteering opportunities (Gap Year Volunteers)

Are you a High School graduate thinking about taking a gap year after school? We offer long-term (12 month) opportunities within Lasallian communities across Australia, New Zealand and Papua New Guinea.

Only have a short time to volunteer?

Whether you're a Principal, Teacher, University student, Lasallian alumni, professional, there are short-term (1-2 weeks) placements available, where your knowledge and abilities would be most valuable to our Lasallian projects and communities in Australia, Cambodia, Indonesia, Papua New Guinea and Pakistan.

Lasallian Volunteer programs operate in many parts of the world with a connection to the De La Salle Brothers and are open to those aged over 18, including teachers, non-teaching staff and young adults.

These include short-term programs, allowing volunteers to help at schools and orphanages in Indonesia, Cambodia and Papua New Guinea.

General Information for 2018 Applications

The Program 

The Lasallian Volunteer program aims at developing personal growth by:

  • Deepening one's personal beliefs, helping to give meaning and direction in life;
  • Developing an increased sense of service to young people, especially those disadvantaged and marginalised;
  • Strengthening one's faith and spirituality;
  • Increasing one's awareness and appreciation of community life within the Lasallian family.

Becoming a Lasallian Volunteer is both an invitation to share your life, aspirations and work with other Lasallians and a journey to discover more about yourself and your faith.

The Placement 

  • The Lasallian community [i.e. Brothers' Community and/or a broader Lasallian community] and the Mission Site together make the 'Placement'.
  • The placement involves taking risks and initiatives; it means learning a lot and being fully involved.
  • The placement is for 11 months.
  • Reimbursement of $80 a week is paid to each volunteer for toiletries, phone bills, personal use.
  • Food and board is covered by the program.
  • Beginning and end of year flights are paid and organised by the program.

Features of the Lasallian Volunteer Program 

  •   Participating in an Orientation Program of one week to prepare for the experience and to identify with other Lasallian Volunteers undertaking the journey;
  •   Having an impact in exciting Ministries where volunteers work closely with marginalised and disadvantaged young people;
  •   Receiving help and friendship from a Mentor, general supervision and appraisal from the Placement Supervisor;
  •   Exploring your personal values, spirituality and direction in life as a Lasallian, including some journaling and personal reflection time;
  •   Experiencing faith-based community living ¬ at home with the Brothers and/or a community, where you share meals, time together, jobs, decision-making and prayer;
  •   Participating in a Debriefing Program of three days, to sum up, share and de-brief your experience;
  •   Enjoying a Recognition Mass and Dinner with family and friends, as well as an invitation to continue your association with the Lasallian family.

Caleb Bainbridge's volunteer experience in Indonesia:



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