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Posted by Angela Porro on 17 November 2020

Year 7 students at De La Salle Caringbah were asked to share what they have enjoyed in their Religious Education classes this year, and where they see God in their lives. Their responses are a beautiful reflection of the spirit and soul of our boys at De La Salle Caringbah.

I would like to share with you extracts from Year 7, and where they see God and the role Religious Education plays in their lives.

I see God in my life as someone who guides me to push myself and to try harder.

God is one of my best friends. He gives me the skills to be resilient and to have gratitude for life's offerings.

I know God is always there for me. When I need to make a decision, I know that He is guiding me to make a good choice.

I see God in my life through the friends and family I have, the people I meet, and nature. My friends consider me extremely hyperactive because I am always outside. It is because I want to witness the beauty of God.

I love how we can talk to God and He will listen.

God, to me, is in everyone, and everywhere. I enjoy learning about new prayers and religious facts where I can ask questions and have answers to my wonders.

I enjoy learning more about God and having a closer relationship with Him. Where do I see God in my life? God is a very important aspect in my life as I pray to Him at school, I go to Church every Sunday, and even pray in the morning and at night.

I enjoy learning about different prayers and ways to pray for them. I also find pleasure in getting to know and understand the way that God wanted us to live and how to be stewards of creation. I see God in my everyday life. I have learnt in RE that God made everything in this world in his likeness and image. This means that whether I am looking at nature or my teachers and peers, I can see God.

Ms Porro has taught me from when I started Year 7 that we see God in people; so this is where I see him - in all those who support me in my life. I see him in the waves when I surf, and on the soccer field when I score the winning goal.

I see God in my life when I am struggling so he can help me.

The teachings we learn in class help us to stay connected to God. The lessons are fun and are informed about the past. The information and prayer is something we can use in our everyday lives.

I enjoy learning about all the different types of prayers and what amazing things Jesus has done.

The time that I see God in my life is when I look at all the incredible things that I have and I see Him in all the great people that I meet - I see God there.

I enjoy RE as it gives me the peace and knowledge to know that I have my faith to carry me through hard and great times.

I enjoy RE because of the joy it brings me. RE means learning about God and working as a team to complete fun activities such as mindful colouring-in and prayer in song.

What I enjoy about RE is that you have the freedom to speak what you believe. Our teacher tries to get us involved with all new and different activities that are challenging, but at the same time they are fun. While our class loves to talk and tell each other what we believe, we complete a lot of work at the same time. This is why it is such a productive class since we can communicate and give others our ideas.


Author:Angela Porro
About: Religious Education Coordinator, De La Salle Catholic College, Caringbah
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