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5 top skills of the future:

Posted by De La Salle College, Ashfield on 28 October 2019

1. Social skills

as in Facebook/Instagram/Twitter marketing smarts. Anyone who can help aid in the promotion of products/services and brand awareness through social platforms is a winner in an employer's eyes. There are now a stack of jobs where being on FB all day is mandatory.

Career opportunities: Digital marketing specialist, marketing manager, social media marketing specialist

2. Being able to automate manual processes

Nope, robots aren't going to take all our jobs. Big businesses still need humans to create, expand and maintain new in-house digital developments. If you're a software, coding or engineering whizz who speaks HTML, you're in.

Career opportunities: Consultant, project manager, software engineer

3. Human-centred design smarts

Being a designer in 2019 isn't just about making something look good. Companies are crying out for those who can create user-friendly experiences think app usability and interface design with a deep understanding of how and why we use things the way we do.

Career opportunities: Graphics designer, product designer, user experience designer

4. The ability to convert data into 'stuff' to build 'things'

We make it sounds simple, but replace stuff with 'graphical interface' and things with 'websites and web apps' and you've got one seriously complex skill. Having anyone fluent in data on staff is game-changing to any business they can literally create ideas, products and platforms from scratch.

Career opportunities: Front end developer, full stack engineer, web developer

5. Knowing how to detect and solve digital problems

Detecting digital problems and working out how the heck to fix them has come a long since traditional troubleshooting roles ruled the IT department. Brands are seeking specialists fluent in code to detect problems continuously.

Career opportunities: DevOps engineer, full stack engineer, software engineer

Author:De La Salle College, Ashfield
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