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A School where most children have never seen a car in their life

Posted by Karen Mondo on 8 October 2020
A School where most children have never seen a car in their life

Hobe Christ the King Primary School is located in a remote part of Simbu Province in the Karamui District where there is no road excess and almost three quarters of the people, mostly children, have never seen a car in their life.

After so many years of hearing negative stories about this place I decided to go there. So I applied and was posted there.

We travel there by plane for thirty five minutes to an airstrip and walk with our cargo for four hours to get to the school. The place and the people, especially the children has really changed my life and the way I think. I wasn't the one touching their hearts but they touched mine. The food that they eat, the clothes they wear, their behaviour and the things they do to survive have changed me.

The people there are not exposed to the life that we know. They don't know how to dress up. They don't eat some of the food from the stores and most of them don't speak English and Tok pisin well. They still eat and drink from bamboo and leaf. The school children bring their lunch in bamboo. The children really love coming to school. Most of the children live far away from the school and they have to cross rivers, walk through muddy tracks and swamps to get to school. Despite the distance and the weather most students don't miss a day in class. This is what makes me so emotional when I look at their faces in the classroom.

There are more than 500 students in Hobe Primary School and 10 teachers. All the teachers are not Lasallians and I am so happy to be among them. I introduced the Lasallian Family to them and gave an In-service on the life of St.John Baptist De La Salle. They all want to join the family now. All of us are working so hard to educate the children and the community.

The children are slow in learning but I believe that with God's help and this prayer of St John Baptist De La Salle , we can make a difference. With that I would like to ask my Lasallian family to pray for me and the people around me and most especially for the children here.

Live Jesus in Our Hearts.

Author:Karen Mondo
About: PNG Lasallian Family Member
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