Posted on 8 October 2015

Lord, we are grateful for our eyes that we can see and ponder;

For our taste buds that give us the pleasure of eating and drinking.

For our hands that are able to hold and touch and feel.

For our ears that can delight in music and the voices of friends.

For a nose that can appreciate the aroma of food, the scent flowers and enables us to breathe the air that gives us life.

Lord, we are grateful for the treasure of loved ones whose acceptance and love have encouraged us to be the person who we are.

We are grateful for our eyes of Faith that enables us to do nothing, but in view of God and attribute our success to the inspiration and guidance of the Holy Spirit.

We treasure the moments of grace in our life, when You speak to us, through the events of life, through people, through the Scriptures and through Your creation.

We are grateful for Your presence in the lives of each one of us; in the beauties of the flora and fauna, which we so often take for granted in our lives.

For mountains, valleys, rivers, rocks, and streams; realizing that they are but Your handwriting. We are grateful for our freedom and for our beautiful country; but above all, for Your great post-resurrection GIFT OF PEACE.

So, with Archangels and Angels, all our Lasallian Saints and martyrs and all the company of Heaven; we proclaim Your great and glorious name, forever praising You and thanking You as we sing: Glory to God in the highest! 

John Cleary f.s.c.

Tags:Daily Prayer
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