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Posted by Br Gary Wison on 30 September 2021

Adan, a member of the Pakistan Sector of the District, was interviewed a few months ago, as a Novice, before taking his first vows (August 6 2021), at 22 years of age. He is now a Student Brother at Multan. His ‘Novitiate’ with several other Asian novices was formally in the Philippines, but due to COVID, he and a fellow Pakistani novice lived in the Brothers’ community at Gujranwala, near Lahore. They participated in many activities virtually, via the internet.       

Q. Provide an introduction – Life before coming a Brother, School, Family etc

Hello Everyone! I am Adan Malik. We are five members in my family, and I am the middle of three brothers. I was born and raised a Catholic. I am native of Faisalabad Punjab, Pakistan. I am a graduate. Currently I am pursuing being a Novice of the Brothers of the Christian Schools at La Salle PARC Novitiate; the pinnacle will be making my first vows (in our Institute). I have done my schooling at the Lasallian school in my native place. I have a perspective beyond the usual, and I am passionate about pursuing goals beyond my comfort zone. I am keen learner. I am good in learning different kind of sports, but I like football the most, because it is in the family line, from my father.


Q. Where did your Lasallian connection begin?

As with many vocations, mine began within my family. I am blessed to be born to parents who loved God, loved each other, and loved me.  From an early age, my parents taught me that loving and serving God was the most important adventure of life, and this included the possibility of God calling me to the Brotherhood.

I can’t forget the day because it was my mother’s birthday, and all the family members were gathered together for the Dinner. It was July 7, 2014, and one of my cousins, who works for the Brothers, gave the idea of going to the formation house of the Brothers. Moreover, I am happy that, I said “Yes to it”. Indeed, it was a good decision made - thanks be to God.


Q. So far, what has been your favourite moment as a Brother?

“The journey was bumpy and uneven. Instead of the movie version of entering religious life with shining eyes and holy music, the Holy Spirit had me fumbling around at the side door, peering inside, hanging around at the threshold, eventually reopening the door, and finally stepping through, with recognition that I belonged in this life, and that I found joy and fulfillment in it”.

As I look back through photos from the past few months, I am reminded of the incredible experiences I have had since joining the La Salle PARC Novitiate. I find it hard to believe all that has happened. I am in awe of it all, and filled with gratitude. I am happy to share about my favorite novitiate experience. …I have so many, experiences fill with joys and wonders… As I recall, one of the favorite experiences of this Novitiate was to celebrate my birthday with Brothers in the Community, and as well as La Salle PARC Novitiate community in Lipa (The Philippines). They, all wished me birthday messages, wishes and prayers. I really liked that the Lipa community made a video message of the Brothers and my fellow novices. It was filled with love and prayers. As I am in the La Salle Brothers community in Gujranwala, Pakistan, I had a great fun and treasured my day in the community.


Q. What is your role at the moment? And what does that Involve?

At present my role as a Novice, involves undergoing an initiation into religious life. I am learning and understanding the meaning of consecration to God to my fullest. I am student of the Brothers, follower of St. John Baptist de La Salle, and most importantly I am a disciple of Jesus Christ.


Q. What advice would you give to someone thinking of becoming a Brother?

Give it a try!

Take time to learn from the people and the other Brothers.

There are many different qualities looked for in a Brother. Brothers are expected to be caring, compassionate and understanding. They are looked up to as good role models and are often asked for their opinion or advice. They are approachable and friendly: someone people will not be afraid to go to. Give yourself time to grow.

At the pinnacle is “Follow Christ”. Be formed in His image. Remember it’s not about you. Determine whose opinion matters. Build a team of experts to help you. Give yourself the grace and the room to grow.


Q. Are there any goals you’d like to achieve over the next 6 months or the year in your role?

Setting goals can be an effective way to help yourself grow and develop. I have some goals like improving my skills, reading more books, reading and learning more about HOLY SCRIPTURE, and most importantly to prepare for the teaching profession.


Q. Who is the biggest influence on your life at the moment?

The most influential people in my life have always been the people closest to me. My family is small but supportive. My parents taught me and my brothers a strong work ethic – to aim high, work hard and value my relationships. My parents have nurtured me, guided me and comforted me. They hold the opinions I trust the most. They constantly inspire me to achieve.


Q. If you had to give advice to your younger self, what would you say?

Don’t worry about the future.  Have fun while I can.  Whatever I do, believe in myself.

Make my life my passion. Nothing is permanent so don’t waste time worrying. Learn to forgive myself and forgive others. I don’t have to prove anything to others. Be the best of myself. Set some goals and follow them with determination. All things are possible and achievable when you surrender yourself to God and trust in Him with full confidence and trust.


Author:Br Gary Wison
About: De La Salle Brother
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