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ACU Offer Professional Learning Seminar

Posted by ACU on 12 July 2021
ACU Offer Professional Learning Seminar

On August 7 & 8 and 28 & 29 the postgraduate unit THLS601 Eucharist will be offered online via Zoom with an invitation extended to anyone who is interested in joining this unit as a professional learning opportunity. Those registering in this way will choose a minimum of 8 out of 16 unit-sessions on offer, with no assessment obligations. The basic registration fee is $450 with each additional session chosen incurring a fee of $75. 

The Eucharist is the chief Christian ritual, celebrated in response to Christ's command to: "Do this in remembrance of me". THLS601 explores the biblical and anthropological roots of the Eucharist and traces the development of its major theological themes of: participation in the Paschal Mystery, sacrifice, presence, communion, blessing, and devotion, and the historical evolution of the Eucharist across a range of Christian traditions and time-periods.  Centred on the Eucharist in the Roman Catholic tradition, this unit pays close attention to key ecclesiastical legislation regarding its celebration, articulating a theology of the rite drawn from the liturgy itself. THLS601 will navigate the complex historical evolution, liturgical diversity, and theological richness of the sacrament of the Eucharist, exploring why its proper ritual celebration today is central to the identity and mission of the Catholic Church.

For special sessions of this professional learning seminar, Professor Clare Johnson will be joined by guest presenters: Professor Maxwell E. Johnson (University of Notre Dame, USA) and Professor Emeritus Michael S. Driscoll (University of Notre Dame, USA).

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