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An Advent Reflection

Posted by Br John Cleary on 16 December 2015
An Advent Reflection
In praying to grow in the knowledge of Christ through the Advent Season by

reflecting prayerfully on the Question posed by Christ: "Who do people say that I

am?"(Mk.8:28). What kind of man is this? Mt.8:27.

There is no better source to answer

this question than the Word of God

contained in the New Testament. The

following suggestions may help us to

discover more about the personality

and character of Christ. You may find


FRIENDLINESS: I call you friends. (Jn.

15:15; Rev. 3: 19, 20; Jn. 11:29; Jn.

14:2; Jn. 4 :7 )

GRACIOUSNESS: I will be with you

always. (Mt. 28:20; Lk. 13:13; Mt. 9:22; Mk. 1:31

GENTLENESS: It is I do not be afraid. (Jn. 6:21; Lk. 12:12; Mt. 9:26.

SENSITIVITY: He took pity on them. (Mk. 6:34; Mk. 12:44; Mk 8:2; Mt. 15:32.

COMPASSION: Your son will live (Jn. 4:50; Jn. 7:38; Mt. 9:27; Mt. 11:28;)

TRUST: Trust in God still and trust in Me.(Jn. 14:1)

PEACE: My own Peace I give you. (Jn. 14:27; Lk. 24:37).

LOVE/GENEROSITY: Lord, the man you love is ill.( Jn. 11:4; Jn. 15:9;

Jn. 13:1; Jn. 19:26, 27; Mt. 10:6; Lk.5:12, 13; )

EMOTIONS: Jesus wept. (Jn. 11:36; Lk. 19:41; Mk. 10:15, 16; Lk. 7:13)

FORGIVENESS/MERCY: Courage my child your sins are forgiven.                    

John Cleary f.s.c

Author:Br John Cleary
Tags:Daily Prayer
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