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ANZPPNG Celebrates Golden Jubilees 2019

Posted by Br Raymond Khan on 23 May 2019
ANZPPNG Celebrates Golden Jubilees 2019

The Chapel of Saint John Baptist de La Salle, Oakhill College, Castle Hill was the setting for a most memorable Golden Jubilee celebration for four of the Brothers Br Gerald Barrett, Br Daivd Hawke, Visitor, Br Anthony Moore and Br John Pill on 19 May 2019.  From the entrance of the Tercentenary candle to the singing of the Hymn to the Founder at the end of the Mass, there was such a joy-filled atmosphere as over 90 Brothers, family, and friends gave "thanks" for the lives of the Jubilarians.

Father John O'Connor AFSC from Christchurch NZ presided at the Eucharist.  Fr John, in his homily suggested that it would have been difficult to find more appropriate readings than those given for the Fifth Sunday of Easter: "we must endure many hardships" which is the reality within which the Spirit of Jesus works to bring about the building of "the new heaven and the new earth." (first & second readings). The method for our participation in this building is found in the gospel reading for the day: "Love one another."

The Brothers renewed their vows that they had made at the end of their Novitiate, fifty years ago.  Many of the members of the family were able to be involved in the celebration, which added to the family atmosphere.

At the celebratory dinner, Br John Cantwell related a little story about each of the Jubilarians which illustrated their particular gifts as well as their generous giving of those gifts in the service of young people, Brothers, friends and family.  Br John Pill spoke on behalf of the Jubilarians.  Br John paid special tribute to Br Peter Baget, a member of the 1969 group, who passed away in 1994 at the age of forty-four. 

Each of the Brothers, including the Diamond Jubilarians, Br Michael Carroll, Br Anthony Gaul and Sir Br Patrick Lynch was presented with a memento of the occasion by Br Timothy Peter, Auxiliary Visitor.

There is so much to "give thanks" for the Jubilarians.  Perhaps the last words for such a wonderful celebration should be left to the Golden Jubilarians.

Br Gerald Barrett FSC: "Thanks, first of all to my parents who supported and loved me over the years.  To all my Brothers, the ones with whom I have shared community and all those whom I have known.  For the opportunities to grow and to do so in my own way.  I hope and pray that I have served God and my Brothers well, and that with God's grace I will be able to continue to do so."

Br David Hawke FSC Visitor: "I give thanks for my family and the Brothers who taught me at De La Salle College, Mangere East, for they inspired me to give the Brothers' life a go. I thank all the Brothers and Lasallians with whom I have lived and worked across the international Institute these past fifty years."

Br Anthony Moore FSC: "I thank God for leading me along the paths to follow his Holy Will, particularly as a follower of Saint John Baptist de La Salle during the past fifty years. I give thanks for the ways in which the Lord has watched over and cared for me and led me in an imperceptible way.  As I reflect more deeply on my consecration, life of prayer and mission experiences as they have been, are now, and might be in the future, I pray that I may be open to new ways to follow Jesus Christ and increase my faith."

Br John Pill FSC: "I give thanks to God who has sent so many people into my life from those bonded to by family ties and vows, friends, work companions, professional carers to casual, daily and now forgotten interactions with so many people, so many happenings, and add to that health, happiness and sense of purpose.  'Bless the Lord my soul and never forget all his benefits.'"

Live Jesus in our Hearts. Forever!


Author:Br Raymond Khan
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