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Application Open: SOJOURN: Lasallian Spiritual Journey and Pilgrimage

Posted on 13 August 2019

Dear Lasallian Partners,

A special Lasallian Spiritual Journey and Pilgrimage will be held from 13-30 April 2020. This Tercentenary event is open to all Brothers and Partners in PARC. The pilgrimage is being organised from the Philippines. Applications to participate in the pilgrimage open on 13 August and close on 14 September. The cost of the pilgrimage (not including an airfare to Paris and from Rome) is USD 3220 (about AUD 4750 at today's exchange rate). Please see the attached document for further information regarding the pilgrimage and contact details for the organisers.

If you are interested in participating in the pilgrimage, please contact the pilgrimage organisers directly. There is no funding available from the District to sponsor or subsidise participants


SOJOURN - the special Lasallian Spiritual Journey and Pilgrimageis set for 13 to 30 April 2020. For the first time, the program is open to all De La Salle Brothers and Partners in the Pacific Asia Regional Conference, and will involve reflective and prayerful visits to significant Lasallian sites in France, Belgium (Malonne), and Italy (Rome).

The pilgrimage-style visits to key places in the life of Lasallian personalities like St. John Baptist De La Salle, St. Benilde Romançon, St. Br. Solomon Leclerc, St. Mutien-Marie, and the present Motherhouse in Rome are central to the Sojourn program.Sojourn is an activity that brings the Brothers and Lasallian Partners together in a unique journey of faith toward greater service and communion. Sojourn deepens the Lasallian experience by a physical return to our roots in France.

As Lasallians bound by a common spirit and vision, Sojourn encourages the pilgrims to follow the footsteps of our Founder, St. John Baptist de La Salle (Reims, 1651-Rouen, 1719) to gain a deeper appreciation of our Lasallian identity and mission, and celebrate our heritage.

Pilgrims are expected to have maturity and a genuine desire for formation and deeper reflection on the Lasallian mission and educational project, as well as one's personal journey. Participants must also be open to living a Lasallian community lifewhich includes community prayer experience and sharing, moments of silent personal reflection for the duration of the spiritual journey, as well as encounters with present-day Asian, French, Belgian, and Italian Lasallians. An openness to a rich cultural-historical-culinary experience in France, Belgium, and Italy is also expected.


Initially a five-year project begun in 2007 as a run-up to the Philippine Lasallian Centennial in 2012, Sojourn is now running on its 13th year and continues to be a highly-recommended homecoming to the beginnings of the Lasallian educational mission. As many Sojourn pilgrims testify, to undertake the prayerful and reflective journey to special places in our shared Lasallian history is to drink deeply from the original springs of our inspiration.

For the first time, Sojourn is being opened to the entire Pacific Asia Regional Conference in solidarity in the shared mission and in honor of the 300 years anniversary of 07 April 1719. From just the Philippine sector thus, Sojourn is now offered to all qualified members of the Lasallian Family in Australia, Hong Kong, India, Indonesia, Japan, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Pakistan, Papua New Guinea, Singapore, Sri Lanka, Thailand, and Vietnam, and the Philippines.***

Sojourn was originally designed to have Brothers on pilgrimage-renewal as well: one (1) young Brother, one (1) mid-lifer, and one (1) Senior. If you are in any of these categories, and are interested, please talk to your Director and write your respective Visitors.

For school Presidents, School Directors, and Directors of Brothers' Continuing Formation Programs, you may wish to treat this as part of your Lasallian Formation program and in-service learning, and even direct your Finance Office to arrange for participants from your school to design and offer some interest free loan or subsidy program.

Applications will be accepted online via http://bit.ly/2JV26hP. Registration will be open from 13 August 2019 until 14 September 2019, 5:00 PM Philippine Standard Time. The estimated total expenses per person, which includes airfare, accommodations and transportation within Europe, is at PHP 220,000 (EUR 3,840.00 or USD 4,320.00). About 1100 USD is budgeted for airfare Manila-Paris and Rome-Manila. For pilgrims coming elsewhere than Manila, subtract 1100 USD from the total expense and add the cost of plane tickets to Paris from, and from Rome to, your starting point. However, the final cost of the pilgrimage would still depend on the prevailing exchange rates.

For any concerns or clarifications kindly contact the Sojourn Secretariat through email at sojourn@delasalle.ph.


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