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Posted by Br Joseph Bufalo. fsc on 14 February 2020

What an opportunity to do consensus building. We as Lasallians really need our Prayers and Mass Booklets to achieve for our faith-communities, for Ash Wednesday.

Not all of us might understand the ritual; the smudging; what the invitation is all about; what is the soul soul work being asked of us especially in this season of Lent; and what is the message of about being in right relationship with God.  If we don't, what will these Prayers or Mass Booklets reflect to those whom we seek to educate?

Step One:

I find that I need to commence with me making sense of my own theology and or spirituality on any given theme, in answering the above question when designing such resources. One source of wisdom that I would include are contemporary theologians, such as Fr Ron Rolheiser and his articles on:

Can you use any of these? Otherwise, which others are you drawn to?

Step Two:

I find that I then need to decide what sub-themes, if any, need to be attended to such, as am I after a:

Can you make use of any of these? Otherwise, what others are you drawn to? 

Step Three:

I find that a mixture of mediums; prose, art, music, poetry, movement, reflections, movies, social media blogs, etc., might all have some relevance at shaping the resource but which I choose depends on the overall desired impact. Click HERE to find out more. Has this been your experience?

Step Four:

I find that cut and paste is one way of developing a unique resource. Click HERE to find out more. 

What do you think?

In Conclusion: Our Founder: St John Baptist de La Salle was interested in accessing the works of others in making a spirituality for his brothers so as to understand their mission and ministry. I am interested in continuing this charism into the present and the future. Is this something which interests you as well? Here are other resources that I offer for your consideration:

I am keen to know your thoughts and what you come up with for local context and as a resource for the rest of our District. It is an area where over the last few years, I have found myself moving more into and find fulfilling, as I hope that you will find, if new to such resource building.



Br Joseph Bufalo. fsc

Author:Br Joseph Bufalo. fsc
About: I am currently part of the Mentone Community , where I am able to assist the Brother Director, with addressing some of the needs of the Community members. I have been creating Prayer Resources for the District over the last four years.I am currently undertaking studies In Pastoral Care to the Ageing. This year I turn 60 and celebrate my Ruby Anniversary.
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