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Aspirants inspired by the bravery of children

Posted on 20 January 2020
Aspirants inspired by the bravery of children

Miss Haq Home is a well-known institute for the physically challenged children in Faisalabad supervised by the Dominican Sisters. Sr. Razia Sadiq O.P is in charge, with 3 more nuns of the community and some dedicated professionals who help the children with various physical therapies and activities. These children come from generally poor families who cannot afford to look after them or provide them with basic medical facilities. At present there are 8 children in the centre from ages 5 to 12 years.

De La Salle Apirants Ramesh and Jabran have been regularly visiting the centre for the last year and half for their service exposure.Br. Zohaib Gill, director of St. Miguel House of Formation has arranged this experience for both Ramesh and Jabran to spend quality time with these children to help them in any way possible. It has also helped the Aspirants be inspired by the bravery of these beautiful children by which they are fighting their frailties and cherishing even the tiniest moments of joy and fun amidst their pain and struggles to get better.

Ramesh and Jabran teach them different poems, daily prayers, games and songs which give happiness and pleasures to their unique lives. Spending time with them the Aspirants to get to know the children better. Sometimes it is very sad to know how they have been ignored by their own families either because of poverty or simply because they are not as good as their other siblings.

Dominican Sisters are rendering excellent service to welcome these special children into Miss Haq Home and look after them as their own children. Regular physiotherapy sessions are organised for them. Operations and surgeries are also sponsored by the Sisters to cure different physical frailties. 

Children with physical disabilities are less likely to attend regular schools in Pakistan. Sisters are providing them with formal education facility till primary level. Weekly classes are arranged for them by different Sisters and teachers. This is a fantastic opportunity for them as once they are discharged from the centre they can get admission in the elementary classes.

"By serving these special children we can win God's favour and be blessed by his grace and many blessings in our life.  This experience has also helped me to be aware of God's goodness in my life and be grateful for it. There is a lot of joy in being of service to those in need of our care and support. I am also thankful for this opportunity to spend time at Miss Haq Home and enrich our lives through sharing our time and affection with such beautiful children of God. Live Jesus in our hearts!" - Aspirant Jabran


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