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Audit News #4

Posted by Br Ambrose Payne on 6 November 2020
Audit News #4


There will be many relieved and understandably glad Lasallians that the lodgement of material for the CPSL audit was completed at 3:52 p.m. last Friday afternoon.   Ms Tania Stegemann, cpsl Director of Compliance acknowledged the receipt of the entire batch at 4:05 p.m.  Infrastructure issues in Pakistan have resulted in a delay until this coming Friday.

The third major phase of the audit process is now commencing.  This phase is the examination of the information provided in response to very extensive questioning included in pro-forma response sheets.  The self-assessments include 111 items for consideration and the Declarations of Compliance, completed by the Colleges which have already been audited by statutory bodies in Victoria and South Australia have fewer.  For Pakistan and Papua New Guinea, CPSL modified and shortened the pro-formas to account for international differences.

The rapid acknowledgement by Ms Stegemann is partly accounted for by covid-19.  CPSL operates in and from Melbourne which has meant that most staff are working from home and mail deliveries are somewhat problematic.  The complete submission has been prepared for electronic transmission with much new learnings about what can be done with hyperlinks, One Drive and Google Docs to name only a few.  There will be two auditors principally concerned with that of the Trustees.  Ms Tania Stegemann will lead and will be assisted by Ms Jhu Manalili.  Ms Sheree Limbrick, the Chief Executive Officer of CPSL conducted and analysed the first phase of the audit, the telephone interviews.

Two aspects of further intervention are possible in this phase of the audit.  The first is a request for further information.  An example of this has been the phone call from Ms Manalili to the Trustees Contact Person to request a photograph of the Trustees Commitment to Safeguarding Statement that was reported as displayed in the Provincial Office.  The second aspect may be an issue with accessibility to data that has been linked to the pro-forma returns as evidence.  The completed self-assessment for Lasallian Mission Services, Youth Ministers and Volunteers was submitted earlier and there has so far been no requests for any further information associated with that early return to the CPSL.


The completion of the second phase of the audit was only possible as a result of the really significant generosity so graciously given by a very large number of Lasallians.  Chief among these have been the contact persons in each of the sectors in which the ministry of the District is offered. Unable to be recorded are the many others who worked behind the scenes not only in organising the data but also in facilitating the capacity of each location to prepare and lodge our information on time and in readable format. Thank you all (E & OE) and especially....

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Author:Br Ambrose Payne
About: Professional Standards Officer
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