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Because you are my God

Posted by Br Juan Gonzalez on 29 November 2016
Because you are my God

Oh Lord, at dawn

and trembling with joy,

the grace of your call wraps me up,

and I discover the greatness of your mercy

in my fragile answer:

A Father, listening to the cries of his people,

enfolding in his arms the promised salvation

of the alliance.

Today, too many words, and only a heartbeat speaks within me:

the soft and rebellious whisper of your Spirit

resounding in my littleness,

widening my horizon

looking for my brothers and sisters,

marginalised, disenfranchised, disappeared and voiceless,

Welcome me in your arms,

wake me from my securities,

curl me up in your heart of hearts,

and bless me with the abundance of your call...

For you are my God.

Author:Br Juan Gonzalez
About: Br Juan is the Auxiliary Visitor for the District of ARLEP in Spain
Tags:Daily Prayer
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