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Beyond Borders! Help Support La Salle School-Rumbek - South Sudan

Posted on 15 May 2019
Beyond Borders! Help Support La Salle School-Rumbek - South Sudan

Fondazione De la Salle Solidarietà Internazionale is the principal development and fundraising department of the De La Salle Christian Brothers and provides capacity building, technical assistance, and financial support to Lasallian educational initiatives. It is a nonprofit organization which coordinates the network of Lasallian development organizations around the world. Our mission is to support Lasallians engaged in the promotion of the rights of children and youth at risk of socio-educational exclusion, in 5 continents, through schools, learning centers, orphanages, youth facilities, social-health services and other programs which respond to specific needs, according to the local environment. De La Salle Schools and initiatives are present in 79 countries, involving nearly 1 million students.

La Salle School-Rumbek - South Sudan

The school is in Rumbek, South Sudan, the world's youngest nation that became independent in 2011 after a long and bloody war with northern Sudan.

Due to the ongoing civil war, started in 2013, many of the already insufficient educational infrastructures have been destroyed or misappropriated and converted for other use.

Educational attainment is extremely poor because of the lack of schools, qualified teachers, and materials. In order to respond to this urgent need, the new La Salle School-Rumbek opened its doors in March 2018 in the Loreto Sisters' existing facilities, with a first cohort of 23 students. The Brothers' goal is to build and equip a brand-new school, which will be able to host more than 300 students.

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