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Br Mandy Visits St Michael's College

Posted by Mr Robert Dempsey on 27 August 2018
Br Mandy Visits St Michael's College

Last week, Br Mandy visited the Primary and Secondary campuses, working with the Year 9 classes, a selection of Year 10 classes and Primary classes. The students were engaged with his captivating way of getting a message across.

Br Mandy's use of storytelling and relating it to childhood fairy tales was a feature this year and has formed part of his Doctoral studies.

The story of Hansel and Gretel as a metaphor for our life was appealing to the students. The idea of a journey and pebbles leading our way. What is important to guide our way? Values that are nurtured in school, church and family point us in the right direction. The bread crumbs represent false values and disappear without a trace from the path. We need to follow the right path to be with God by showing persistence and determination to follow the correct path in life.

Br Mandy used his ukulele to tell stories and entertain the Primary students. One of the classes performed a part of the Lion King, in which Br Mandy was able to participate and use his new-found musical skills.

The staff and students thank Br Mandy for his visits over three years and wish him well in finishing his thesis and his return to the Philippines. The College looks forward to hosting him again one day.

Author:Mr Robert Dempsey
About: Director of Mission, St Michael's College, Henley Beach
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