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Brothers making a difference

Posted by Stephen Beirouti on 11 April 2017
Brothers making a difference

Being all the way here in Perth, away from the presence of the Brothers, to which I had become quite accustomed to while living in Melbourne, it is sometimes hard to remember that I am 'still' an aspirant, as I am not regularly exposed to your presence - outside of the Visitor's check-ins via social media every now and then! I was very happy to find out at the end of last year that Br Mandy had been appointed as my 'Brother Mentor' for this year.

Our first official accompaniment session was last week and it certainly exceeded my expectations. Firstly, in one short week of engagement with students at the college, Mandy's presence amongst the students through class visits and around the yard reaffirmed the impact just one brother could have on students within the school environment. 'When's Br Mandy coming back?' Has become a question asked by many students since his departure.

Br Mandy asked me a difficult question along the lines of 'whether I thought the Brothers are still relevant in today's world?' I think the impact that just one brother has had on the students at La Salle, both last week, and in previous years, answers that question adequately. Secondly, the concept of table fellowship has been solidified in my mind as something so important in our Catholic and Lasallian ministry.

Every morning Mandy and I would meet for breakfast and have our official 'accompaniment session' which usually involved me waffling on in response to the retreat/accompaniment programme Mandy has put together, which, works perfectly for people already in an active ministry. I look forward to our next catch up in May to continue the programme.

The first visit was, in my mind, a resounding success and a great reminder as to why I made the step to join the Aspirancy Programme. Brothers, keep me in your prayers as I will continue to keep you in mine.

I hope to see a great many of you at the Lasallian Youth Gathering in Sydney this year as your presence and companionship has always been a great highlight in my relatively short time involved in this 'Lasallian Mission'.

Have a safe and happy Easter! Live Jesus in Our Hearts...Forever!

Something to think about

Brothers do make a difference...even the impact of one Brother.

Aspirant Stephen Beirouti.

Author:Stephen Beirouti
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