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Concern over Email Hacking

Posted on 5 February 2016
Concern over Email Hacking

Unfortunately, a number of Brothers have had their email accounts hacked recently.

Chris Molloy from EVOTEC has provided us with some useful advice on how to protect your accounts as best you can.

"1. Don't use Yahoo Mail. In the past 12 months I've seen quite a few Yahoo accounts penetrated. For personal use I recommend Microsoft or Google.
a. Free Microsoft Account- via Outlook
b. Free Google Account via GMail

2. Ensure all devices have a reputable Protection system installed such as Sophos.

3. Strong Passwords-  I know this can be painful to maintain but in today's environment, it is is very important. Passwords should be MINIMUM 15 Characters, with Capital Letters, Lower Case Letters, Symbol and Numbers. Don't use your Name etc.

4. Only access e-mail on secured devices. Do not access your e-mail on Public Computers, internet café, hotel lobby etc.

5. Do not open or download attachments unless you are 100% sure of the source, even then if you're not sure ask. Current threats, Australia Post, NSW Police etc.

6. Check embedded links before clicking on them. If you hover your mouse over the link the URL will be displayed.The important part is the domain name-for example- dropbox.com

7. All devices should have a Passcode \ Pin \ Password. "I" Devices for example should be set to lock after a period of inactivity and you can access it again until the Passcode is entered. Same goes for all mobile devices and notebooks."
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