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De La Salle Bomana Secondary: an example of change

Posted on 4 September 2018
De La Salle Bomana Secondary: an example of change

Change is inevitable, and imminent . Change is something that connects with positive developments that can contribute to individual, community or an organization's prosperity.

His Eminence Sir Cardinal Ribat could foresee what the future held for the boys pioneer school and so he sent forth a servant to go fix the vineyard. It was not an easy task to run through developments over-night, however the tireless efforts invested within a short period of time. The hard working, energetic contractors, staff and students con-tributed immensely to the successful project.

The main driver, Br. Antony, principal of De La Salle Boys Secondary School, with his team of hard working men and women, who practically dedicated their time in one way or the other for a fruitful outcome.

The reshaping of De La Salle Secondary was something the original founders and owner, The De La Salle Brothers, had in mind for a long time. However it came to fruition this year. Br Principal has a great plan for the school , in which he made sure the teaching and learning devel-opments all improved at the same time and money must be invested to priority areas. Based on his plans, major developments have taken place such as, relocation and refurbishment of two double classrooms, junior boys ablution blocks, senior boys ablution blocks, new admin room, proper footpaths and a big assembly hall. More to come next year.

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