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Deepening Our Lasallian Spirituality

Posted by Br Paco Chiva on 18 February 2021
Deepening Our Lasallian Spirituality

Six months ago in Rome, we set up an international group of Lasallians to reflect on ways for deeping our Lasallian spirituality. The group comprises twelve people from the five Regions of the Institute, Brothers and Lay Lasallians, men and women, who have had some Lasallian formation and are especially interested in matters of spirituality.

Before bringing the group together, the staffs of the Secretariat for Association and of the Secretariat for Research and Resources sought information from those in charge of formation in every one of the 33 Districts in the Lasallian world. We asked them about the programmes they are running in spirituality, the materials they are using, the priorities they have, the needs they feel. In the light of their answers to those questions, we can see that Districts perceive a great need to develop more programmes for deepening Lasallian spirituality (according to 78 percent of the replies).

We also asked Districts to say what they thought would be useful for improving people's understanding of Lasallian spirituality. The following table indicates numerically the strength of the different options:

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Author:Br Paco Chiva
About: Secretaries of Association
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