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Faith, Action & Brotherhood at DLS Ashfield

Posted by Mr Paul Forrester on 14 February 2020
Faith, Action & Brotherhood at DLS Ashfield

"The King will reply, 'Truly I tell you, whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' (Mark 25:39-40)

I would like to welcome back all staff, students and families to De La Salle College for 2020. In particular I would like to warmly welcome all new members of the De La Salle community, especially our Year 7 students and families. I hope your sons and families have received a warm welcome and have felt the sense of community that is so alive in our school.

The De La Salle College theme for 2020, developed by Senior College Leaders is a wonderful call to action for young men this year. I was particularly impressed with our leaders in developing a theme that is so integral to all we do at the College. In speaking with our Year 12 group this week we unpacked the concept of faith, explaining that a faith can only be truly demonstrated through our actions and not just a set of beliefs to which we ascribe. It is my fervent hope that a strong sense of belonging to our community compels our boys into action in service of the College community. An active and vibrant faith based community can achieve amazing things and I have had the privilege of watching this continue to blossom at De La Salle over the last twelve months. I am very confident that this will continue to grow.

It has been the concept of brotherhood in our theme that has caught most of our attention in the first week of school. All De La Salle communities across the ninety countries in which they exist are founded on a sense of brotherhood that existed in the work of Saint John Baptist De Salle over three hundred years ago. I spoke to our community as we began the year of the many examples of brotherhood and sisterhood that have arisen from the tragedies of the bush fires across a difficult summer for our nation. So many men and women in devastated communities have demonstrated a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood in supporting those most affected and in doing so have fulfilled the message of Jesus that "whatever you did for one of the least of these brothers and sisters of mine, you did for me.' (Mark 25:39-40)"

Having five brothers and sisters of my own I am acutely aware of the impact a sense of brotherhood and sisterhood has had on my life. It is through these special relationships in my life that I have forged the values that underpin my life and guide the decisions and actions I take each and every day. It is my hope that all young men at the College in 2020 experience a sense of brotherhood within our community and in doing so understand and live the values of high expectations, hard work, growth, achievement, service and the presence of God in our relationships that are the values that underpin our community. Together, as brothers and sisters, we can achieve great things, share great experiences and continue to grow a great community that supports all young men in their journey to become the best man they can be.


Author:Mr Paul Forrester
About: Principal, De La Salle College Ashfield
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