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Youth Ministers and Lasallian Volunteers playing a crucial role

Posted by Julia Goonan on 28 February 2020
Youth Ministers and Lasallian Volunteers playing a crucial role

Youth Ministers and Lasallian Volunteers play a crucial role in the Lasallian movement within the schools across the District. Many of the Youth Ministers this year return to the role for a second year in a row to fulfil their call to serve. The Lasallian Volunteers dedicate 10 months of the year to a school that needs their help, whether it be in New Zealand, Perth, Balgo Hills, Queensland or Sydney. Youth Ministers scatter themselves across the District with the same purpose in mind, to further the work of St John Baptist de La Salle and inspire their students to do so too. Some schools have multiple Youth Ministers to further the work in the school and account for its size.  With a few new faces and developments within the team as well as the 2020 Lasallian Volunteers, a weekend of Formation before a hectic week at the Lasallian Student Leaders Seminar (LSLS) was the start of a truly special journey these Youth Ministers will embark on together this year.

An exciting new development, occurring for the first time this year, is the introduction of a Youth Minister in South African Lasallian School, De La Salle Holy Cross College, Jordan Bulger. This addition to the team allows for countless opportunities to work with more Lasallians but also incorporate learning a new culture and language throughout the year.From the 17th-20th of January, the Youth Ministers and Lasallian Voluneers as well as the Young Lasallian Formation Team, took over the Sydney University Chaplaincy to deepen their understanding of their role, as well as learn more about themselves and each other. There were many intense conversations, discussing the expectations of the role, the outcomes, the do's and don'ts, all within a very safe and reflective environment. Reflections involved questions such as 'What is your Lasallian Dream? What sustains you? Why are you here?'. No stone was left unturned when it came to preparing the Young Lasallians for a big year of growth and incredible influence they will have on the students in their school.

Philippe Dulawan described the weekend,"The common theme was pilgrimage, preparing to walk together, accompanying each other. We looked at three lenses, where are we now, where have we been where are we going, we are pilgrims on the journey, old and new community coming, preparing to serve in different ways".

Immediately after the Formation training finished on the Monday, each Youth Minister and Volunteer headed to the Lasallian Student Leaders Seminar, where their training was put into practice as soon as they walked onto the bus.

We wish every Youth Minister and Volunteer the best of luck for the year ahead and thank them for their unconditional support and dedication.


Author:Julia Goonan
About: Creative Writer. A young, passionate writer for all things inspiring and intriguing. With a degree in Creative Writing and Indigenous Studies Julia brings a light to every story and a voice to any Lasallian as Creative Writer within the District.
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