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Global Lasallian Response to COVID-19

Posted by Secretariat of Solidarity and Development on 4 November 2020
Global Lasallian Response to COVID-19

In response to the Covid-19 pandemic, the Institute of the Brothers of the Christian Schools through its Fondazione De La Salle Solidarietà Internazionale ONLUS launched the "#LaSalleCovid19" initiative in April 2020. The campaign raised social awareness and financial support for emergency, humanitarian action among vulnerable peoples.

This campaign involved approximately 150 collaborative key-stakeholders from all Lasallian regions, utilized publications in 10 different languages, and resulted in more than 350,000 social media contacts. Supporters enthusiastically submitted photos and videos of hope, and they organized fundraising initiatives to help people affected by the coronavirus. In a special way, we are grateful to our donors whosegenerous sponsorship empowered extensive humanitarian activities in fragile areas.

All Lasallian educational centers have made very significant sacrifices in adjusting to the local realities of Covid-19 and supporting their communities. Beyond these enormous contributions, we list here additional outreach initiatives which have been undertaken to meet the emergency, humanitarian needs of the pandemic.

The first part of this report contains Lasallian activities divided by the region in which they occurred. The second part of the report identifies activities indexed by country. All initiatives have been divided into six main categories, and in some cases grouped together.

Innumerable people worked tirelessly to assist the less fortunate while responding to Covid-19. As we go to press, vital activities continue while the virus perilously sweeps into new areas around the globe... and Lasallians continue to help. Such noble acts of concern for others underscore the Lasallian charism of "caring for the least among us." In some modest way, this report is a tribute to their heroic efforts.

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Author:Secretariat of Solidarity and Development
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