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God knows, we need good men

Posted by Merv McCormack on 28 June 2019

One of the regular privileges of my work is to receive a wide array of College Newsletters. They are mostly Lasallian, but some are from former colleagues who work in schools with other heritages.

I like the cross- fertilisation.

Another Newsletter comes from my alma mater, St Patrick's College, Strathfield. The Principal, Dr Craig Wattam writes positively and eloquently- he always does. His topics vary from education to social trends to family matters. He is an acute observer of life with its idiosyncrasies and vicissitudes. But always about its possibilities. He writes about life, and as he does so, he draws upon the everyday fabric of it all.

Whatever the topic, however, there is a recurring theme in Craig's writings. It is a genuine refrain where he promotes the development of young boys and young men. It is a call which gently challenges his charges to become, and continue to be, the very best men possible.

God knows, we need good men. As a man, as a father and as a grandfather, I am challenged by Craig's writings.

I always look forward to the challenge.

Author:Merv McCormack
About: Merv is the Executive Director of the Lasallian Mission Council.
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