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Greetings Young Lasallians of 2017

Posted by The Young Lasallians Team on 9 August 2017
Hello to all members of the LYG 2017 community!

Communities are dynamic living things. They can live on across time and distance and through many great challenges. Consider our global Lasallian community, which has endured for over 300 years! Amazing things are possible when the power behind a community is love: a mutual bond between people and, in our case, around a shared mission. 

If we choose, the specific community created during LYG 2017 can not only continue to exist, but also to animate and inspire each of us to live our Lasallian values of Faith, Service, and Community every day.

How can we do that?

You might remember that I shared with you, during the plenary session just before Mass at St Mary's Cathedral, that the most difficult part of an experience like LYG is 'walking down the mountain' afterwards. Using the stories of the Transfiguration and the Road to Emmaus, I encouraged us all to:

  • Share with others the impact of what we experienced,
  • Make sure that we continue choosing walk with other people, listening and sharing about the journey,
  • And learn to recognise the 'holy heartburn' we experience not only in big moments like LYG, but in lots of small ways every day, if we have eyes to see it.
There will be some days when it is easy, and some days when it isn't! That is okay, though, when we remember that we have our whole lives to keep walking and that we don't have to walk alone. As well as a few resources to help you share your experience of Lasallian community with other people:

Lastly, we hope that you will stay in touch! You can connect with us on Facebook (Facebook page, Facebook group), Instagram (Young_Lasallians_ANZPPNG), and Snapchat (YL_ANZPPNG). See you there!

With great love for you all,

The Young Lasallians Team

Author:The Young Lasallians Team
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