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Holy Week in Hohola, PNG

Posted by Br Ken Kalinowski on 22 March 2016
Holy Week in Hohola, PNG

"A Blessed Holy Week from Papua New Guinea!

Luckily we have had a bit of rain, which has helped many of the local people work on their small gardens, some do it for food but most grow crops to sell at the market as supplementary income. The staple food of PNG is rice and canned fish! The markets are a place to truly understand PNG, with bettlenut, kaukau, lamlam, and fresh greens.

This week we are only in class until Wednesday, with a Stations of the Cross ceremony in the gym for the students.

On Thursday, the teachers will have an in-service where I hope that we will be dismissed early, the service at the Cathedral starts at 5 pm which I hope to attend.

We are off on Good Friday and Easter Monday then back to class on Tuesday! Next week is the last week of the term before exams, we have the exams for one week and then we still have another week left in the term before parent teacher conferences. So term one will be in the books and then we have one week off before we begin term 2.

Sadness of this week was the missing puppy that we just gave away. We had 4 dogs, 2 of them were 7 month old puppies, but having 4 dogs was way too many! After discussion we decided we would give one away to a faculty member. We drove the dog over to the new home, only to find out that he ran away the next day, so far no sight of him! After raising him for some time, it is sad, we just hope that he is safe and something terrible didn't happen to him.

We continue to have our morning breakfast club, a free meal to those who show up and the numbers grow past 60 students each morning. Amazingly whatever the students have they are more than willing to share with everyone! The kindness and generosity of them towards each other is truly something to witness. Problems right now, are the usual ones for PNG supplies are limited. School supplies are tough to come by, and the students are sickly-  medicine is very difficult to come by. Each week there seems to be a death - with a connection to someone in the school, it is really hard sometimes to hear of the sadness of so many. Last week, the hospital buried 17 in potter's field,  unclaimed bodies-  9 of them were children.

As we are in Holy Week, we pray for their eternal rest and peace!

I ask you to continue to pray for us/ me in PNG and wish you a Blessed Easter!"

Author:Br Ken Kalinowski
About: Br Ken is the Deputy Principal of La Salle Technical College in Hohola
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