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International Lasallian Days for Peace 2021

Posted by International Council of Young Lasallians (ICYL) on 8 September 2021
International Lasallian Days for Peace 2021

"Rejoice! Strive for full restoration, encourage one another, be of one mind, live in peace. And the God of love and peace will be with you." - 2 Corinthians 13:11

The International Council of Young Lasallians (ICYL) has launched the annual campaign, International Lasallians Days for Peace (ILDP) for a 15th consecutive year. ILDP 2021 runs from September 21st to October 21st and the ICYL has introduced the theme as follows:

Hope is on the horizon. In some corners of the world, the end of the pandemic seems to be in sight as borders are beginning to open and restrictions are gradually being lifted. However, return to normal life across the globe remains uneven.

In the past year and a half, inequality manifested itself in various forms, across different contexts: unequal access to medical care, hunger, inaccessibility of education, and racial injustice, to name a few. COVID-19 has threatened peace at different levels in our personal and collective lives ranging from politics, healthcare and economics. But all these changes sparked numerous conversations and movements, with young people at the forefront, paving the way for transformative social action.

Young Lasallians are invited to reflect on our current realities and to proactively respond to society's ills. It is imperative for us to work together, leaving no one behind, in our pursuit of a better new normal.

The time we have spent in isolation has become a learning experience about how we can share our resources and take concrete steps, regardless of race, distance, or creed. As we begin opening our borders, let us continue transcending the limits of time and space to build a better future: free from violence, hunger, and injustice.

We rise together for peace!

Author:International Council of Young Lasallians (ICYL)
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