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Job Posting: CRA Governance Collaborative Operations Manager

Posted by CRA on 12 August 2020
Job Posting: CRA Governance Collaborative Operations Manager


Catholic Religious Australia (CRA) Council resolved, in late 2019 to accept responsibility to undertake the role of commissary for Religious Institutes moving towards completion. Following this, the CRA lodged a submission with the Holy See asking for approval of this proposal.

At the same time the CRA Council established the CRA Governance Collaborative (CRAGC) to act on its behalf in undertaking its responsibilities as commissary for Religious Institutes which are in transition and unable to take full responsibility for their own general government in the foreseeable future. CRAGCs core responsibilities are therefore to support the commissary in its role as canonical trustee by:

  • Providing administration and support services such as: care and support for religious institute members; administration and finance; archives; ministry support; and Professional Standards.
  • Providing a commissary representative who is the congregation's 'family' and pastoral person responsible for matters such as: advocacy; accompaniment; maintaining relationships and regular contact with religious institute members; assisting religious institute members to keep informed and connected; funerals; and being available as a 'next-of-kin'.

CRAGC began its operations on 1 March 2020 and is currently a small start-up organisation auspiced by CRA.

Overview of position

The newly created position of Operations Manager will join the Transition Team and be responsible for overseeing the provision of ongoing operational support to CRAGC Service Partners.

A service agreement is currently being developed with each Service Partner which will set out the support services required. The Operations Manager will be:

  • Responsible for ensuring all agreed services are delivered in a manner which aligns with the mission and values of CRAGC and of each service partner.
  • An integral member of the Transition Team and will be expected to participate in and contribute to various CRAGC activities and meetings.

In the early stages the role will require a time commitment of around one day a week and it is envisaged that the level of commitment required will gradually scale up.

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