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John Baptist De La Salle

Posted on 1 May 2018
John Baptist De La Salle

On the 30 April 1651, John Baptist De La Salle was born in Rheims.

  • Born at Reims, France April 30, 1651
  • Ordained priest April 9, 1678
  • Died April 7, 1719
  • Beatified February 19, 1888
  • Canonized May 24, 1900
  • Proclaimed Patron of Christian Teachers May 15, 1950

John Baptist De La Salle was a pioneer in founding training colleges for teachers, reform schools for delinquents, technical schools, and secondary schools for modern languages, arts, and sciences. 

His work quickly spread through France and, after his death, continued to spread across the globe. In 1900 John Baptist de La Salle was declared a Saint. In 1950, because of his life and inspirational writings, he was made Patron Saint of all those who work in the field of education.

John Baptist de La Salle inspired others how to teach and care for young people, how to meet failure and frailty with compassion, how to affirm, strengthen and heal. At the present time there are De La Salle schools in 80 different countries around the globe.

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