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Lasallian History Made

Posted by Julia Goonan on 13 November 2019

Lasallian history was made when the Young Lasallians Team led a Reflection day at all-girls School, St Mary Mackillop in Bathurst. The year 8 girls had a day full of prayer, games, activities and reflection, bringing to light new challenges and things to learn about each other. At such a ripe age, reflection days are essential to bring the focus back to who the girls want to be as they grow up. In the Lasallian light, there were icebreakers, scenarios, and talks full of advice and guidance for the young teens. An incredible highlight of the day was a talk from all Leaders, titled 'Ways of Dealing with Emotions'. While the day was focused on different emotions, this short but sincere talk opened questions for the girls to think about What can we do when one of our friends are struggling with their emotions? Tips on how to handle emotions included:

  1. Journaling and Prayer
  2. Talking about it with those you trust
  3. Spending time with yourself
  4. Using positive outlets
  5. Recognising when to talk to an adult
Answers on how to help others that come to you for advice on how to handle the struggle of their emotions include:
  1. Being present and paying attention
  2. Asking questions
  3. Listening
  4. Trying not to fix it
  5. Recognising when to talk to an adult
The girls finished the intense day with prayer and relaxation. The final ten minutes of the day were solemn and intense as the final prayer left the girls silent and reflective.
Author:Julia Goonan
About: Creative Writer, Lasallian Mission Services
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