Posted on 2 December 2019

13 applicants have been appointed as Lasallian Volunteers in 2020. This is an opportunity of a lifetime for these young men and women. As a volunteer, they will help make an impact and support those in need. 

Here why the Lasallian Volunteers applied for the position.


Casey Dykstra (John Paul College Rotorua)

I have been thinking about being a volunteer all year, especially after going to the Leaders Camp and listening to the experiences of other volunteers. Being a Lasallian volunteer will enable me to do something really purposeful, to help make a difference in people's lives. I also think that it will help me to grow and develop as a person and help me discover my strengths and weaknesses. I have also had a family member do this volunteer programme, so I have seen firsthand the positive impact being a Lasallian volunteer has had on his life and others.

Amy Hancock (La Salle College Middle Swan)

This year I was lucky enough to be a volunteer in the Scarborough placement in Brisbane. This has been an incredible experience, and I would love the opportunity to be able to put into practice the knowledge I have gained from this year and to really immerse myself in a different community and work environment. Volunteering is something that I find energizing and invigorating and is something that I love doing.

Josh Paul (De La Salle College Malvern)

I would like to re-join the volunteer's program for several reasons, firstly to have an impact on Aboriginal youth. I'd also like to continue to develop my leadership skills and demonstrate my continuing commitment to my Lasallian Family.

Emily Hancock (Southern Cross Catholic College Scarborough) 

I wish to join the Lasallian Volunteers program because I love working with people and being part of a healthy and robust community as well as building robust relationships with my collective circle of peers. My outgoing personality and strong leadership skills make me approachable and a good role model for the youth.

Anna Douglas (John Paul College Rotorua) 

I want to join this program because I would love to give back to the Lasallian community because it has given so much to me. I have learnt so much from my attendance at the Lasallian Student Leaders Seminar (LSLS) and the Lasallian Youth Gathering (LYG) as well as from my School. I think this experience would help me to grow as a person.



Angelina Bone (St Michael's College Henley Beach)

I am excited about joining the Lasallian volunteer's program and working with other like-minded people. Being someone who has struggled at primary school with dyslexia, I know firsthand the significance of support both inside the classroom and outside, and the importance of a good education and confidence to succeed. I will be able to bring to the program a different point of view and understanding when it comes interacting with others as part of improving the social and emotional wellbeing of children and young people by enhancing their confidence and engaging with the local community.

Jess Gledhill (De La Salle College Cronulla)

I believe the program will provide me with great opportunities to meet new people and serve others. I also see it as an adventure in which I will be exposed to new experiences which will develop life skills such as initiative and independence.



Anton Haines (De La Salle College Auckland)

I've spent the last seven months volunteering in Papua New Guinea and in my time there, my passion for serving and helping the young people has grown immensely. Being able to impact the lives of young people in a positive light and to touch the hearts of the youth has solidified my decision to apply again. Whether it be facilitating camps and retreats or simply kicking a ball around in lunch breaks, I've loved being able to walk alongside the youth and grant them with tools to use for their lives as they grow older.

Albert Mc Mahon Hosea (Jubilee Secondary School Hohola)

I have been inspired by being the School Captain of my school, helping students have shown me that there are students out there who don't have what I have, and I feel helping them is what my heart wants. I wish to join the Lasallian Volunteer program because I want to be of service to others, and I love helping young people.



Simeon Wambriwari (Jubilee Secondary School Hohola) 

Though my years at Jubilee Catholic Secondary College, I feel that I need to give something back to the Lasallian community, and this would be an excellent opportunity for me as a volunteer to give something back. I have been inspired by the Founder who touched hearts, taught minds and transformed lives.

Nathan Pellizzari (St Michael's College Henley Beach)

I would like to join this Lasallian volunteer program, as I really enjoy being part of the Lasallian community and spreading the message of St John Baptist de La Salle. I have been interested since 2017 when I attended the Lasallian Youth Gathering in Sydney, where I heard people talk about their experiences when undertaking the program.



Benjamin McKern (La Salle College Middle Swan)

I wish to join this program as I have only heard good things from past volunteers. I want to help others and see what life is like in a different community. I never gave 100% participation in school and have regretted it and am looking to change that by helping people learn from my mistakes.

Lam Eddie (La Salle Technical College Hohola)

I applied for the Lasallian Volunteer program to make a positive change in people lives. I am so lucky to live a privileged life; however, not everyone is as that fortunate. I would be honoured in helping those less fortunate; I would really like to make a definite change in someone's life.



Rodwill Joe (La Salle Technical College Hohola)

I wish to join the Lasallian Volunteer program again because I want to continue to share my knowledge and qualities to help other people. This program has shaped and motivated me towards God; I have developed my faith  and am willing to do anything for the Mission.

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