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Letter to Pakistani Brothers from Br Visitor

Posted by Br David Hawke on 13 March 2017

Dear Brothers of the Sector of Pakistan

Greetings. I am very much aware that at this time and in the spirit of "anything in the said society" a number of Brothers are taking up new appointments, including new positions of responsibility. I once again appreciate that a number of Brothers are moving from one location to another with some also going to other Sectors of the District.

When Brothers move from one place to another they go through a transition and for some it takes time to adapt to a different community, a different ministry and a different environment. When a Brother or Brothers are appointed to a community that community becomes a "new community" and hence the Community Annual Programme takes on an even greater significance. I encourage you to take time over the CAP and see it as a work in progress. Each of the communities in the Sector of Pakistan has changes of personnel this year. And while you know one another well in the Sector, take time to renew relationships as Brothers in community.

Recently three Brothers attended the Lasallian Leaders' Gathering in Australia. They were worthy representatives of the country as they further cemented relationships in a spirit of solidarity with others in District. The presence of Brothers Zafar, Shahzad and Waseem further expressed the importance of the Lasallian mission in Pakistan and its place in the District. One of the highlights of the gathering was the fact that the twinning of Pakistan and schools in Australia and New Zealand has come to fruition and I am sure will grow.

I understand that some among you have expressed concern that the location of Br Auxiliary Visitor is now Multan while the office remains in Faisalabad. It will take time to see how the practicalities will work out and the impact that this will have on Br Shahzad personally and on the Sector as a whole. However in these days of modern communication, please God all will work out with the continued success of the mission in Pakistan a top priority. I know that each of you will continue to support Br Shahzad with his responsibilities as Auxiliary Visitor. In 2018 we will have a Mission Assembly and District Chapter. The District Chapter in particular will be an opportunity to evaluate how we administer this vast geographical District.

Brothers you are in my thoughts and prayer as the new school year begins. May you in collaboration with your Lasallian Partners continue to offer a quality education to all.


Yours fraternally

David Hawke FSC

Author:Br David Hawke
About: Br David is the Brother Visitor for the District of Australia, New Zealand, Pakistan and Papua New Guinea.
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