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Life in the Formation House

Posted on 28 November 2019
Life in the Formation House

"A successful person is one who does not run from his difficulties, but who faces them."

I joined the Formation House in August 2015, and at present I am in my final year of initial formation. Every year brings new opportunities and challenges for me to advance in my spiritual understanding and get little closer to my goals.

The Formation House is not just a place where young men are encouraged and formed to discern their vocation, but it is also an important phase of our life which makes us contented and benevolent persons. Every Aspirant is blessed with different abilities and talents which adds to our diversity here and challenges us as well to live with synergy. There are different co-curricular activities that are part of our schedule, and we also organise activities such as celebrations and   programs to celebrate the major feast days and birthdays.

With the active presence of the Formation Staff and guidance from our Director Brother Zohaib Gill, we attain something new every day. Being Aspirants we do practice all the requirements which will increase our beauty and dynamism as Brothers in the future. The Formation House revives us with a new passion for serving and community living following the example of our Holy Founder. It also helps us to get rid of our not so positive and healthy habits and develop ourselves into a better person by becoming closer to God.

-Jabran (Aspirant)

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