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Life Support

Posted on 6 March 2017
Life Support

"Take care that the school always runs well."

John Baptist de la Salle, Letter to Brother Robert, February 26, [1709]

Educators and support staff are at the frontline of imparting and continuing the Lasallian traditions within our colleges and school institutions.  Through a variety of administrative, disability and teaching support roles, these personnel make significant contributions to the formation and education of young minds. 

Life Support is a new program developed by the Lasallian Mission Council, to reaffirm and remind staff of their own personal influence within their school communities.
The initial workshop was held on the 24 February at the LMC Provincial Office in Sydney, spearheaded by the Director of Formation Br John Cantwell and Assistant Director of Formation, Amanda Proulx.  The aim of the program is to provide staff the knowledge and history of the Lasallian Heritage and Values, with the intention to help inform and empower staff in their own practice.   

"Developing programs that are effective, insightful and aimed at encouraging Lasallian workplaces is important. Not only to ensure support staff are cared for but also that they may feel equipped with the tools and educational practices to implement in their own school environments," said Brother John Cantwell.

The highlight for many was the opportunity to network with staff from different colleges and schools and to learn about the Lasallian heritage and values.

"We really couldn't be happier with the feedback and the evaluations we received. Brother John and myself can't wait to unpack the feedback collected from this first session and explore further development of this program," said Assistant Director of Formation, Amanda Proulx.
One participant added, "I am taking away a really valuable learning experience. The interaction between the participants and the shared knowledge and individual experiences, has been really helpful for my own personal development."

For more information:
If you would like to learn more about Life Support program and how teachers and support staff can benefit from out programs, our LMC staff are mobile and happy to come out to your school and run the sessions.



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