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Message from Brother Superior General Robert Schieler, FSC

Posted on 12 June 2020
Message from Brother Superior General Robert Schieler, FSC

Dear Brothers and Lasallian Partners of RELAN,

In the readings of the liturgy for June 3 Saint Paul writes to Timothy that the "word of God is not chained." For this reason, he says, "I bear with everything for the sake of those who are chosen, so that they too may obtain the salvation that is in Christ Jesus, together with eternal glory."

We know that God wills that all be saved. We are all chosen. We are all sisters and brothers. We are one family. As Lasallians, we know this truth; we live this truth. We believe as today's Gospel recounts that the two greatest commandments are love of God and love of neighbor.

In this difficult time for our country, we echo Pope Francis' conviction of what God seeks from us:

The Lord asks us and, in the midst of our tempest, invites us to reawaken and put into practice that solidarity and hope capable of giving strength, support and meaning to these hours when everything seems to be floundering.

Lasallians are people who live in solidarity with neighbors near and far, who witness to fraternity, where the dignity of everyone is respected and honored. Like the many good people in our local communities, we are at our best when everything seems to be floundering. We know that racism, poverty and injustice are endemic in society. These evils are not easily eradicated. Therefore, we persevere in our educational mission to bring about systemic change for a more just and peaceful world for everyone.

Today, we call on all political leaders to be healers and unifiers; to heal divisions among our citizens, uniting all for the common good. Today, we recommit to our educational and evangelizing mission to bring healing and unity to our communities, our schools and our societies.

Your Brother in Saint La Salle,

Brother Robert Schieler, FSC

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