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National Redress Scheme Announcement

Posted on 4 July 2018

The District Council (Provincial Council) of the De La Salle Brothers' Australia has passed the following unanimous and formal resolutions in respect of joining the National Redress Scheme.

1. That the De La Salle Brothers apply to participate in the National Redress Scheme as soon as possible after it is established as a genuinely national scheme.

2. That the options of joining the Scheme as a single institution or as a member of a participatory group be kept open pending further investigation of the implications of each option.

These resolutions reiterate the position expressed at the Royal Commission in February 2017 supporting the establishment of a truly national redress scheme with the participation of every state and territory.

The De La Salle Brothers will continue to work with the National Redress Scheme with the view of implementing the decisions adopted by our District Council (Provincial Council).

Applications to the National Redress Scheme cannot be lodged with the De La Salle Brothers and need to be made directly to the scheme operator.

The National Redress Scheme can be contacted on 1800 737 377 or the website www.nationalredress.gov.au

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