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News from RELAF (Lasallian Region of Africa)

Posted on 7 October 2020
News from RELAF (Lasallian Region of Africa)


These days, we live in fear of contaminating or being contaminated by a virus. Can we still think contagion in a positive way? What do we have the desire to transmit in our heart as educator? In order for our life to make sense, or at least to be a sign, we must have a clear awareness of what we want to transmit. What do we have to say to those entrusted to us? Do our teachings, our behavior, our presence give them the desire to be good, to be better than they are?

We have the opportunity, through our zeal, our professional competence and our proximity, to communicate to our students the love of what we teach, our faith, our love of the Word of God, the sense of solidarity with the most deprived, the desire to be useful to their community and beneficial to nature

How do we, or what do we do, to be positively contagious? We are probably already a little bit contagious. Of course, no one can command contagion, but to be contaminated, one must expose oneself. We are therefore contagious according to the people we visit frequently. "Tell me who you visit frequently and I'll tell you who you are," says the proverb. Who or what do we use to visit? Do we meet frequently God in prayer, in his Word, in the Eucharist? Do we frequent John Baptist De La Salle, some lives of saints, through some spiritual writings? This is the story of a grandmother to whom a little girl revealed her identity or, if you prefer, her status. "With Christmas coming, Grandma was out shopping for gifts for her grandchildren. While she was at the toy store going through her list and carefully selecting gifts, she noticed a small homeless girl outside wistfully looking inside the store. Grandma's heart went out to this little girl. She invited her into the store and asked her to pick out a gift for herself. As they walked out of the store, the little girl held Grandma's hand, looked into her kind eyes and asked. "Are you God?" Grandma, somewhat embarrassed and somewhat touched, said, "No, my dear, I am not God." "Then who are you?" continued the little girl. Grandma thought for a moment and said, "I am a child of God." The little girl, fully satisfied and smiling, said, "I knew there was a connection."1 Let us therefore take dispositions to be contaminated by the goodness that God communicates to us through Jesus Christ. John Baptist De La Salle himself invites us to do this: « This will be the glory of my Father, that you bear much fruit and become my disciples. What Jesus Christ says to his holy Apostles2 he also says to you, that you may understand that all the good you are able to do in your work for those entrusted to you will be true and effective only insofar as Jesus Christ gives it his blessing and you remain united with him. It is the same for you as it is for the branch of the vine, which can bear fruit only if it remains attached to the main stem and draws its sap and strength from the vine, which is also the source of all the goodness of the fruit.

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