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O'Connor Catholic College students crush the HSC

Posted by https://www.armidaleexpress.com.au on 21 January 2020
O'Connor Catholic College students crush the HSC

O'Connor Catholic College principal Regina Menz was very proud of this year's HSC students and said their results were beyond expectations.

"We're really excited for them because it gives them so many opportunities out of school," she said.

"Three students scored over 90, and a lot of the cohort with really strong results. There were 14 band sixes across many subjects, and lots of students performing in the high 80's ATAR as well.

"We're as proud of the students who have grown in their learning as well. Today we celebrated students who will make no honour roll, but we're so proud of what they've achieved and they are really special to us as well."

One student who will have his name on the school's honour roll was this year's dux Aiden Wicks.

"I'm taking a gap year next year and hope to study engineering, probably in Woolongong or Newcastle," he said.

"I'm really into my maths, and I enjoy all the sciences really. There are some really cool branches of engineering that involve chemistry that I really enjoyed this year, so hopefully I can expand my studies into that as well."

Meg Lye will also look into a career in engineering.

"Hopefully environmental engineering because it's the merging of two interests," she said.

"I think it is a new course, but I did some research on it really sounds like it would suit my interests.

"I would probably have to study at Woolongong.

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