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On the Road to becoming a De La Salle Brother

Posted by Adan Malik on 6 May 2019
On the Road to becoming a De La Salle Brother

Discernment is a process that every serious Catholic young man must commence at some point, during which he will petition and receive from the Almighty his vocational direction and calling for the rest of his life and for all eternity.

Fittingly, discernment is one of the most difficult undertakings of a youngster's life! I intend to share briefly of my experience as an Aspirant in St. Miguel House of Formation. I studied at La Salle High School & College Faisalabad and felt very attracted towards the way of life of the Brothers. I was really inspired by Br Shahzad George Gill FSC who was my Principal. After my results, some of my family members suggested that I join Miguel House and consider a religious vocation. After considerable consideration, I joined the Formation House on 14th September 2014 as an Aspirant.In the Formation House, I have learnt a lot of good things from the Brothers. And here I have seen that Aspirancy is a great time for beginning our journey of discernment. I have become completely transformed in prayer life and have a very intimate and satisfying relationship with Christ. Prayer has helped me to grow in union with Christ and persevere in my faith journey to discern for me the will of the Father.

In my relationship with the Aspirants, I have used the words of St. Paul "always remain in peace with one another". I feel that I have really grown and matured as a person both in personal and communal aspect of my life as an Aspirant and as a committed person to follow my call to be a De La Salle Brother.

As I conclude my sharing, I am left with the impression that words cannot adequately express my experience in the Formation House as this was more about living a personal experience than about putting it in words. It is to identify my life with that of Jesus and to allow him to continue his saving mission in me.

"God does not ask us to go where He does not lead."

Author:Adan Malik
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