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On the road to becoming De La Salle Brothers

Posted by Shahzad Gill & Qulb-E-Noor on 5 September 2021
On the road to becoming De La Salle Brothers

Joining St. Miguel House of Formation was a dream for both of us and on 30th August 2016 that dream became a reality when we stepped into the Formation House as Aspirants.

We commenced our journey with Brother Qumar John Iqbal FSC (Director) and Brother Gregory Ferguson FSC (Sub-Director), who were both blessings in disguise for us.

Journeying with God is always full of adventures… we had a lot to celebrate in the Formation House including celebrating birthdays and feast days, Robe Taking and Vow ceremonies.

Life in the Formation House was also a challenge as it was a new experience. Morning and evening prayers, daily Masses and building a solid relationship with God through our personal prayers helped us overcome these challenges.

We studied lessons on Lasallian Studies, Church history, spoken English, liturgy and different lectures on various topics to help us develop our interest in diverse areas which senior Brothers facilitated. In addition, to enhance our personal skills, we were lucky to have music sessions twice a week.

Over the past five years, we were blessed to have senior Brothers mentoring and accompanying us. Br Aloysius Hurrell, our sports coach, helped us develop an interest in sports and indoor games and kept us healthy and active; Brothers Qumar John Iqbal, Zohaib Gill and Saddique Gill, who accompanied us in all areas of life to ensure that one day we would become shinning De La Salle Brothers.

Our experience does not end here, but these are the moments that still inspire us every time we think about it. We both admire and thank the untiring efforts of all Brothers and Aspirants who accompanied us in different ways.

We continue hoping the Brothers and Aspirants will remember us in their prayers as our formation continues. We too pray to God that His divine mercy may guide us.


Author:Shahzad Gill & Qulb-E-Noor
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