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PARC Mission Assembly 2019 - Great Things are Possible!

Posted on 19 August 2019
PARC Mission Assembly 2019 - Great Things are Possible!

The 2019 PARC Mission Assembly was held on the 4th to 6th of August.

One of the main objectives of the PARC Mission Assembly was to contribute to the dynamism of the Lasallian network ensuring all ministries in the PARC region live the spirit of John Baptist de La Salle. While all Districts find themselves in situations of various forms of fragility, the strengthening of the Lasallian identity and association of each of the educational works was a priority for the Assembly in order to be sustainable in promoting the viability and vitality of the Lasallian Mission.

The PARC Mission Assembly was an opportunity for Brothers and Partners to reflect and discuss Lasallian Identity, Mission and Association. The gathering was a venue for delegates to "see, judge and act" based on the realities of the educational ministries and communities as well as on the formation of Lasallians.

As the global Lasallian community prepares for the 3rd International Assembly of the Educational Mission (AIMEL) in 2020, this year's PARC Mission Assembly focussed on the following:

  • Review and assessment on the responses of the Districts on the propositions made during the AIMEL 2013 and its impact on the Lasallian identity and mission
  • Initiate reflection and discernment on the various documents issued by the Institute and collect possible actions on how these will be used in the educational work and mission
  • Propose possible interventions/initiatives of the Region, which will engage the global Lasallian community in advancing Lasallian identity and vitality of the mission.

The Assembly was an opportunity for community building and faith sharing to strengthen the bond between Districts and among countries amidst diversity in cultures and backgrounds. It was also a celebration of the association for mission and a recognition to our commitment to renew and adapt our educational works according to the signs of the times. 

Ms Rana Brogan (Australia), Ms Grace Wrakia (Papua New Guinea) and Mr Martin Chamberlain (New Zealand) will represent the District at the International Mission Assembly in Rome May next year.

Opening Remarks - Brother Robert Schieler, FSC

I am happy to be present with you at this assembly and to congratulate you for the confidence your colleagues have in selecting you as Delegates to the 3rd International Mission Assembly. I sincerely thank you for generously making yourselves available to discern, with Lasallians from around the world, on the needs of, and the direction for, our mission at this time in its history.

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Closing Remarks - Brother Robert Schieler, FSC

Dear Brothers,

As we come to the end of this conference, I share a final, brief reflection with you.  It is based on article 40 from our Rule and has four points: the new life of the Spirit, Brothers as men of Hope, Lasallian Association, and looking towards the 46th General Chapter.

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More Information on AIMEL 2020

Dear Brother Visitors and Lasallians,

It is my pleasure to address to you this letter officially announcing the Third International Assembly of the Lasallian Educational Mission which will take place at the Mother House in Rome from May 4th to 15th 2020. The theme is:  AMEL 2020: IDENTITY - VITALITY - TRANSFORMATION: TOGETHER, WE MAKE IT POSSIBLE

This theme identifies three fundamental issues for our ongoing story of Lasallian Association: maturing in our mutual Lasallian vocations, leading to transformed lives and structures for the continuing vitality of the Lasallian mission. Our association for the Lasallian Mission is an act of hope affirming that it is possible be a vibrant force for good if we are united. I invite all of us to intensify this unity by preparing ourselves as best we can for this great event of communion on behalf of all those entrusted to our care, especially the vulnerable, the neglected and the abandoned.

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