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PARC Novitiate Yearbook 2020-2021

Posted on 28 June 2021
PARC Novitiate Yearbook 2020-2021

Welcome to Oui (French for Yes), our yearbook that highlights and reflects on our year-long Novitiate experience and adventure.

Oui, which also serves as our batch name, mirrors our unwavering response to the invitation to commit to how God individually and communally calls us - as His children, as Lasallians, and now, as Brothers.

In our desire to fully share our Oui adventure to you, dear reader, our community decided to go through an equally adventurous route of conveying our story. In research and legal parlance, we call it cross­referencing.

Editor's Notes

This yearbook will contain excerpts and key reflections of the past year, and in gist, that would be enough, but if you pref er to read and experience the bigger and fuller story, we invite you to cross­reference with our four bumper Rue Neuve Magazines, which we also printed out and collated for your convenience. After every highlight in this yearbook, you will see a footnote (i.e. RN2, page 8; meaning Rue Neuve #2, page 8) which invites you to read the entire story on that reference material.

Finally, this yearbook serves as our unique, yet communal, expression of our yes. Thus, each member of the community served as a story director and layout artist. Despite following a set theme, the individuality in each page and section is evident - a testament to our distinct declaration of our decision to say yes to God's call and story.

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Enjoy our yearbook!

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