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Prayers for our Founder - Day Nine

Posted on 7 April 2017
Prayers for our Founder - Day Nine


1950 Rome, Italy - Our Founder, JBDLS is proclaimed 'Patron of Christian Teachers'.

On this final ninth day of our Novena, we reach April 7th. It was today that our Founder was released from the shackles of this world and entered God's Heavenly Kingdom.

We take this opportunity to not mourn his passing as such but rather to rejoice in his legacy. As an educational pioneer, a man of pious example, a spiritual director and confessor, innovator and consummate scholar, Saint John Baptist de La Salle has left us a gift that continues to give.

Through our educational services and outreach programmes worldwide we provide hope and salvation in a society whacked with unknowns and instability.

Even though our reality is very different from 17th Century France, today's youth call out to us. Like De La Salle, we show bravery, courage and zeal, to answer that call.

To be modern day innovators, to be pioneers and to lift the students in our care up to God.

What a profession we are in! Our blessed we are, as like our Founder, we daily touch hearts and change lives. Honneur a toi glorieux de la salle!

Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God

Saint La Salle, our dearest Father, to thy children's prayer incline. While today we sing thy triumph and the glories which are thine.

Saint La Salle, our dearest Father, hear thy loving children pray. Grant that we, by thy protection, grow in virtue day by day.

Earnestly we ask of you, pray to Jesus that his Spirit comes alive in us anew.

Model of the Christian teacher, patron of all searching youth; as we follow your example may you lead us in the truth.

So we praise the name of Christ, who for his work has chosen you.

Saint La Salle, inspire us always. Pray that we may serve Him, too.

And to light a new beacon for the people of today.

SJBDLS - Pray for us! Live Jesus in our hearts - Forever

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