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Prayers for our Founder - Day Two

Posted on 31 March 2017
Prayers for our Founder - Day Two


1671 / 1672 Hotel des Postes, Reims, France - JBDLS loses his both his Mother and Father.

While studying theology at the famous Sorbonne University of Paris, John had not even finished his first course when he received the very upsetting news of the death of his mother whom he loved so much.

He wrote to his father offering to do anything to help in the education of his brothers and sisters who were still quite small.

"No, my son. You continue in Paris with your studies for the priesthood. God and your mama, who is now in heaven, will keep on helping us. Somehow we will manage!"

Sadly, the very next year, John's father died as well. Without hesitating, he left Paris for Reims to care for his siblings, the youngest being only 20 months old. John himself was only 21.

Let us remember that we are in the Holy Presence of God

Dear Lord of comfort,

I come to you to ask that you provide strength and comfort in our times of great need.

Often our hurt and that of others can run very deep.

We feel so much pain when we lose those we love and share our lives with.

I pray that you help us always maintain our faith in you during these difficult times.

I know you can be our greatest shoulder, but I also ask that you remain our biggest provider. Surround us with understanding so that we can work through all the emotions that loss brings raging to the surface.

Bless us with people and friends that provide tender patience and comfort as we try to bring our lives back on track.

And Lord, allow me to be like John Baptist de La Salle. Let me still see the hand of God in my life, let me find peace in your word and allow my heart to be still.

Let my pain wash away, leaving only the warm memories of their love.

SJBDLS - Pray for us! Live Jesus in our hearts - Forever!

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