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Preparing for Christmas at St Michael's College

Posted on 6 December 2017
Preparing for Christmas at St Michael's College

This term at St Michael's College, the girls of 9PU, under the guidance of their pastoral teacher, Mrs. Patrizia Puglia, have been working together to fold one thousand paper cranes.

The legend based around this origami creation states that, if a person can make one thousand cranes, they will be granted a wish; as is present in the well-known true story Sudoku and the 1,000 Paper Cranes. Sudoku, aged 12 and a talented runner, is diagnosed with leukaemia, which resulted from the Hiroshima bombing that occurred before she was even born. However, Sudoku was determined to survive and began diligently folding paper cranes in her hospital bed, hoping to get her wish.

Sadly, Sudoku never reached one thousand before she passed away, but her story continues to provide hope and inspiration to people across the world today. This is why we believed that the paper cranes would be a beautiful addition to our hope-themed chapel service in week 6. The class worked hard together, folding hundreds of sheets of paper to reach our goal. The cranes now light up the chapel in a colourful display and shall continue to bring hope to those who need it over this holiday season.

Authors: Alana Pahor and Lauren Fitzgerald

Photography: Isabella Marafioti and Tess Boulton

Patrizia Puglia, St Michael's College

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