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Principal's tips for success

Posted by Catholic Weekly on 31 October 2019
Principal's tips for success

Post School Education and Training: Tips for the Part-time Careers Advisors

When a small child is asked what they want to be when they grow up, they rarely miss a beat before giving an answer and happily continuing with whatever they were doing, as likely as not each new day can bring a new answer. Do the same with a teenager and as often as not they freeze like a deer in the headlights, then their eyes dart around with that let me get out of here look. This is a hard question, the answer likely to evoke a judgement or require some detailed justification, the agony of being a teenager!

Parents and teachers wanting to help students pick the best course, whether VET or Uni, have an opportunity to be a great help provided they don't, inadvertently, do the exact opposite.
Let's not forget that a path directly into employment from school can be exactly the right choice.

Tips for teachers

I think the keys are in being affirmative, reflective, accurate, imaginative and connected.

In many settings careers education has not been strongly resourced in recent times as leaving ages get later and other initiatives prove more attractive in the funding fights. Much of the advice from teachers comes from those who simply have a good relationship with a student, and it is often given on the fly.

Be Affirming. I never want to be the much-quoted educator who confidently judges that so and so will never amount to anything. Teachers are in the privileged position to be affirming, to acknowledge talents and skills.

Be Reflective. For the student you know well you can help them review earlier decisions around course selection and the consequences of these. Most importantly as a teacher you are in a good place to reflect with a student on what type of learner they are and look at the courses being considered.

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