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Reconciliation Week at De La Salle Ashfield

Posted by De La Salle College, Ashfield on 28 June 2019
Reconciliation Week at De La Salle Ashfield

During Reconciliation week which fell on the 27 May till 3 June 2019, the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander students at De La Salle worked on a painting which is to be displayed in the front office.

The story behind the painting:

The concentric circle in the centre represents a meeting place for Aboriginal people and De La Salle College Ashfield as this is the meeting place for the students.

The 14 handprints around the outside are the handprints of the current Aboriginal students at De La Salle. The colourful dots represent all the students in year groups at De La Salle College.

The shield, boomerangs, spear, woomeras and boondi are men's hunting weapons. The white dots outlining all of these objects represent our spirit ancestors

- Ms B Ayoub, Indigeneous Liaison

Author:De La Salle College, Ashfield
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