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Resource: Lasallian Saints of Yesterday and Tomorrow

Posted on 2 July 2021
Resource: Lasallian Saints of Yesterday and Tomorrow

This gallery of Lasallian saints represents only some models of human richness immense and very different that come from the imitation of a unique model: Christ. They range from very captivating personalities (Miguel Febres-Cordero, RaphaëlLouis Rafiringa, Exupérien Mas ) to everyday saints (Benilde Romançon, Mutien-Marie Wiaux, Gregorio Bühl ...) and then to those who signed their fidelity to Jesus Christ with their blood (Solomon Le Clerq,  Jaime Hilario Barbal Cosán, James Miller).

The known stories of holy Brothers are many, but much more numerous are those stories written only in heaven. These represent a secret treasure, on which the Institute has relied since the time of Saint John Baptist de La Salle. They are an underground spring that flows into the furthest and least known corners of our Institute's map.

It would be good to relate the hidden holiness of the dozens of Brothers who never went beyond an everyday existence and who spent their entire lives unknown and unsung, making the ordinary actions of each day a masterpiece; their total selfgiving and love of God, their nourishment, their sacrifices and selfrestraint, their daily act of worship.

This would be important and supply us with a good model, but it is not possible in a booklet like this. It is only right, however, before bringing forward some of the lives known to us, to pay tribute, recognition and praise to all of our unknown saints who have made a precious contribution to the remarkable history of our Congregation. Their holiness, even if it never reaches the altar, has transformed many apparently ordinary lives into masterpieces of grace and has attracted so many blessings on the apostolic labors of all. On the other hand, if we were to compare the lives of these men of God with those of our officially beatified or canonized saints, we would find that the patterns they followed were the same, and that the choices, the lifestyles and their response to the call of grace were similar.

Are saints merely relics from yesteryear who are irrelevant today, or are they, on the contrary, meaningful living role models needed today more than ever? It is up to the reader to reflect on this and to come up with a relevant response.


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