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Resource: Let Us Remember - International Translation Day

Posted by Sebastian Duhau on 30 September 2021
Resource: Let Us Remember - International Translation Day

Let us remember' is a prayer and reflection resource offered to Lasallian schools and works. It might be used for individual prayer and reflection or at the beginning of team/faculty meetings, staff briefings or whole staff meetings. There will be a different focus for each reflection and over time a library of prayers and reflections will be developed for use.

Today's theme is: "International Translation Day"

I recall a few years ago, spending time in Rome alongside a number of other young people from around the world. Some spoke English but most didn’t. A few members of the group, who were perhaps the glue that held us together initially, possessed the ability to navigate different languages; to interpret and translate. In doing this, they allowed those of us who only spoke one language, to form meaningful connections with one another. Over the course of a month, this group became a tight-knit group of like-minded individuals, and to this day, it remains a tight-knit group, in constant communication from all corners of the globe. Initially, the greatest challenge of this group was breaking down the language barrier. As years have passed though, and we’ve learnt to navigate these language barriers with Google-translated Whatsapp chats, creative uses of emoji, and hand signals on the rare occasions we get to video chat, one thing has become abundantly clear... We understand each other.

The 30th September is International Translation Day, and is an opportunity to celebrate the tools and people that exist that help us to understand one another...

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Author:Sebastian Duhau
About: Young Lasallians Coordinator
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