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Resource: Let us Remember - International Women's Day

Posted by Lydia Avia-Aumua on 4 March 2021
Resource: Let us Remember - International Women's Day

During the early days of the pandemic the Formation for Mission team received a number of requests for a prayer and reflection resource that could be used in our Lasallian ministries for individual and group reflection, board meetings, staff meetings and other gatherings. Our response was to develop a set of prayer and reflection resources we called "Let Us Remember" which was sent to Lasallian ministries every two weeks from July to December.

This year we begin Volume 2 of our "Let Us Remember" with a Lenten reflection.

Every two weeks you will receive a new reflection that you might like to circulate among your colleagues for personal and shared reflection. 


International Women's Day 

In this edition of Let Us Remember we take the time to pause and add meaning to celebrating International Women's Day. This celebration is one for great cause for women all over the world to fully participate as equals in global development. The observance of International Women's Day began as early as 1908 in America, with even earlier radical changes of the time with women in New Zealand becoming the first country in the world to vote in 1893. Withstanding all this and many achievements in between from women across political, we find ourselves in 2021 with the theme 'Choose to Challenge'.

The invitation to stand in solidarity together and by association to promote gender quality and a more inclusive charism is part of the Lasallian dream to touch the hearts of one and all.

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Author:Lydia Avia-Aumua
About: Associate Director Young Lasallians, Lasallian Mission Services
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